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Feb 20, 2013 7:30am EST
a diet committee on wednesday that what matters is whether the u.s.-led tpp talks are based on the pre-condition altar arrives will be removed without exception. the tpp is expected to be one of the main issues when abe meets president obama later this week. >> translator: at the meeting i will not mention individual items to exclude from the tariff ban. i will confirm whether an all out ban is an absolute precondition to join the free trade talks. >> abe said he recognizes the removal of tariffs without exception is not a requirement for joining the tpp negotiations. he will consider the impact of japan's participation before making a final judgment. 11 pacific rim countries are now working to conclude the free trade deal by the end of this year. >>> japan's trade balance has shown its largest monthly deficit ever. that's based on comparable data that was compiled since 1979. the weak yen has caused an increase in the cost of fuel imports. the ministry official said the trade deficit for january came to about $17.4 billion. the balance has now been in the red for seven months in a row
Feb 20, 2013 7:00pm PST
kikr says japan should be willing to negotiate all items to join talks on the tpp. his remarks came at an interview with reuters news agency. kirk says the u.s. and other tpp participants have never allowed any country to have certain countries or products protected before talks began. abe is looking for some assurances from obama. we are seeing tokyo stocks down .4 of a%. i'll leave you with a check at markets. >>> investigators in algeria have been collecting evidence and building a case as they probe a deadly hostage siege at a gas plant. islamic militants stormed the facility and took hundreds of workers hostage. at least 39 people, including ten japanese, were killed. nhk has learned more about the group responsible. we've obtained video showing the militants training in neighboring mali and issuing bold threats. here is that story. >> reporter: this man is reported to have led the attack. he's known as niger. he phoned media outlets in neighboring area throughout the siege. he is on a video that's believed to have been recorded in northern mali in 2010 or 2011. he and other mi
Feb 22, 2013 7:00pm PST
tariffs. abe is under pressure from japanese farmers to stay out of the tpp. before he left, he made another decision. he decided to send a representative to an annual ceremony pro moting the claim of the islands. south korea controls the territory. >> translator: it goes without saying that takeshima is an inherent part of japanese territory. it's a critical issue involving the sovereignty of our country. >> 19 lawmakers attended the ceremony in shimane prefecture. the prefectural government designated february 22nd as takeshima day eight years ago. japan incorporated the islands as part of shimane on that date in 1905. south korean citizens marked february 22nd as well, with a demonstration. they protested outside of assy . south korean officials launched a protest through diplomatic channels. >> translator: it's regrettable that the japanese government sent an official to attend such an unjustifiable event. we strongly protest the act. >> a short time later, japan's chief cabinet secretary rejected it. >> translator: we replied that we cannot accept the protest based on the japane
Feb 24, 2013 5:30pm PST
liberal democratic party during the day to discuss the tpp talks. he'll also sit down with the leader of coalition partner, new komeito. officials have said they'll leave the final decision to abe and his government. u.s. trade officials must decide to allow japan to join the tpp negotiations. abe will keep in touch with members of obama's administration while awaiting the right time to announce his decision to the japanese public. >>> quick look at what's happening on the global economic scene this week. the search for a new central bank governor is the big focus in japan, as you know. prime minister shinzo abe is set to propose his top candidate for opposition party's approval. and from italy on monday, we'll have early results of the general election. we'll know whether the italian people are ready to continue with the current reform and austerity measures. we'll also be getting october to december gdp numbers from three countries. a second reading of u.s. gdp will be out on thursday. initial figures show the u.s. economy contracted 0.1% from the preceding three months. india will
Feb 25, 2013 7:00pm PST
was a warning to leaders discussing the tpp talks. chinese authorities want an asia pacific free trade zone that includes japan, south korea and members of the association of southeast asian nations. the leader of the chinese communist party, she jinping is building on efforts to develop relations with taiwan. she met the honorary chairman of taiwan's leading nationalist party in beijing. he expressed his eagerness to achieve a peaceful unification of the two sides. this meeting was the first with a leading figure from taiwan since she jinping became general secretary of the chinese communist party last december. the meeting was held behind closed doors, but taiwan's central news agency quotes she as saying china will continue developing ties and push for unification. predecessor hu jintao has pressed unification across the state. they said they will resume military trust. they will also aim to sign a peace accord with taiwan. >>> cradle of culture, economic powerhouse. many enjoy the fruits of prosperity along the path to a new china. but millions are still missing out. and public disconte
Feb 9, 2013 9:15pm EST
the government to open the door more important in asia than europe? >> asia is harder than europe. tpp is particularly important. for us, we get there. i am here to play two roles. as the ceo of ge, i could get any place. i could sell myself anywhere. for a $2 billion american company to win in asia, a tpp would be helpful. >> ge has had a complex relationship in china with its investment there. has this administration put a lot of energy into trying to sort out the intellectual property issues? >> it is a long-term process. the president is engaging. he has avoided following every wave of controversy. he has tried to stay long-term focused. a relationship between china and the united states is important. let try to see through the bumps in the road to have a longer- term view. it is a complicated relationship for companies and governments. the two biggest economies in the world have to have a relationship. we cannot afford not to engage. there are problems with intellectual property. we are better off with the u.s. government being engaged. it is a two-way street with the administrati
Feb 13, 2013 8:00pm EST
administration and the obama administration. i'm proud of the work i did doj tpp. it was a great announcement the president made yesterday with europe. at the ford to working with you and members of this committee -- i look forward to working with you and members of this committee. >> my last question will be asked as a written question. >> if you want wartime, go ahead. >> we have this question -- >>if you want more time, go ahead. >> the theory has been if he gets small businesses to offer a 01 k, you can expect people's ability to save for retirement privately. some are concerned lead ministrations seems less committed to that the one for. in 2006, congress made that part of the 2001 act permanent. are you committed to the private retirement savings approach? andyou think 401k's work should they be an important part of the three legged stool for people's retirement? >> i think they work better for people at the higher end of the income scale the people in the low to the middle and. we need to look at ways to get people to participate more attentive savings plans. it is harder when you're s
Feb 12, 2013 6:00pm PST
to describe the tpp. that some say will allow a global china trade. another highlight raising minimum wage to $9. something that would have been a great idea five years ago, ten years ago. it's good to hear it now. reducing the deficit by 4 trillion-dollar. and for me it was fun to see which things john boehner chose not to stand for. he did not stand for we need to pay our bills. at the not stand for a nation that is more important than a party. and he did not stand for the 102-year-old who waited hours to vote. however, it's fun watching democrats and republicans blaming each other for an economy wrecked by republicans and democrats. and the president calling out to the people watching the show, speaking beyond those to those beyond the chamber and talking to those watching the show. talking about climate change, i wish i would have made my drinking words comprehensive or get that done. >> michael, what is your take away on the speech welcome. >> i'm going to be less--i'm glad you're going last, cenk although i shouldn't be glad you're going last. this speech will forever be remembered i
Feb 5, 2013 12:00pm EST
sticking the initiatives and to the treaty negotiations like the tpp. we wanted the act. we don't want the creation of blacklists and white less. ultimately any regulation should continue to be technology neutral and any regulations expressly preempt the state regulation. right now we have a swiss cheese mess in the regulations that's impossible. we also need to use language that is explicit and easy to follow but that is not a problem with a lot of these bills where we just don't understand what it is you are talking about. and if we don't understand what you're talking about and we can't tell you whether you are pro or con. at the end of the years the legislators need to realize. when we are focused on the privacy and security the u.s. is in the only game in town. as a web hosting provider i lose business every day to overseas. right now our industry represents a trade surplus. many people are coming to do hosting in the united states to build their businesses than the reverse but we still lose it because people outside of this country lose for instance the patriot act against us and
Feb 20, 2013 12:00pm EST
had a meeting with a number of people on the transpacific partnership. i won't say tpp because of a devotee knows what that means, transpacific partnership includes the three nafta countries and other countries in the americas and asia. the japanese prime minister is in washington this week. i think that discussion has gone very well. we expect it will go very well in singapore, and i think on most issues i would say 90% of the items on the table are fairly well aligned in the united states and our interest and mexico in terms of our views here in north america. so what we want here is reciprocity and hopefully sub national governments could be a part of that, so we don't have by america all the time, which is one of the things left out of nafta. not predicting that what happened but there is a table now to discuss it. on the a european union discussions i am pleased canada is in negotiations that is a subtle difference in words and the negotiations mean we are soon to be at the agreement and europe. it will not be easy going from the negotiations share in the united states tha
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)